The Whitsunday Islands have enough anchorages to keep you busy for months of happy cruising! So you can include some on your itinerary, here are a few of our favourites with recommended snorkelling sites either at your anchorage or just a short dinghy ride away.

The seven resort islands in the Whitsundays also welcome visiting yachts. A reasonable fee includes a mooring or marina berth and the freedom to enjoy the guest facilities of the resort. Each island resort's ambience and facilities is different and that means more variety for you!

Your boat has a comprehensive folder with more details. Bookings at least 24 hours in advance are needed, either by a simple radio call to We or direct to the resort.

Club Crocodile Long Island Resort

Type Approved Anchorage
Description Is located at Happy Bay on the Western side of Long Island. There's a cost to pick up a mooring, which gives you access to the family-oriented resort facilities that includes showers!
Shelter in North East to South West.
Moorings Resort owned moorings are available for a fee.
Fishing Fishing is permitted - check the 100 Magic Miles for details.
Be careful of If coming north to the resort, check the tides and wind as strong currents between Spit Point and Long Island will slow you down if you're travelling against it! Do not plan to stay overnight if winds are forecast from the North-West as the moorings are exposed to these conditions.
Resort Club Crocodile resort offers a range of facilities and entertainment.
Walking Long Island has a number of walks to enjoy.
Outer Reef Arrange an outer reef cruise and board the ferry at the Club Croc wharf.
100 Magic Miles C4

Hook Island

Type Approved Anchorage
Description Hook Island Observatory currently has 4 moorings available - bookings are essential. Anchorage is allowed but as this is a very tidal spot you need to ensure you are very securely anchored if you plan to leave the vessel. The resort is more for backpackers than those seeking 5 star dining. It has a friendly bar and restaurant with some provisions available.
Shelter in East to North.
Moorings Yes
Fishing Fishing is prohibited
Be careful of Flukey winds in the passage so you need to always motor through.
Resort Hook Island Observatory has some facilities for the support of the camp grounds here.
Walking If you're adventure minded, there are waterfalls to explore.
Snorkel Hook is a highly protected area and offers excellent snorkelling with the extensive marine life.
Sailing Sailing around to Whitehaven Beach.
Dive Diving with the marine life at the observatory is reported as excellent.
100 Magic Miles C17

Hook Island, Northern End

Known for good snorkelling and dramatic scenery, most of the anchorages have safe moorings for coral protection. Manta Ray Bay, one of the most beautiful anchorages anywhere, has an astounding array of fish and coral. Mooring is limited to two-hour visits. The rock formation known as the "Woodpile" is a famous landmark.

Langford Island

This long mostly sandy strip almost disappears at high tide! A fun day stop for a beach picnic and snorkelling on the western end. To avoid the area's extensive reefs, navigate here in good light with a lookout on the bow.

Hamilton Island

Type Approved Anchorage.
Description Need to get your land legs, have a 'real' shower and stock up on supplies? Maybe you'd like a restaurant meal or need to dance the night away? Pay your mooring fee and you can share in the Hamilton Island experience. Hire a buggy and explore. Stay an extra day and join a tour to the outer reef. Hamilton Island has it all. Fly into Hamilton Island and you can even start or finish your charter there.
Shelter in All wind directions. All Weather Anchorage.
Moorings Overnight berthing. Book with CCY minimum 24 hours in advance. Can be booked well in advance.
Fishing Fishing is prohibited
Be careful of Spending too much money!
Resort Hamilton Island is home to the largest resort in the group. The marina is surrounded by the shopping village which offers excellent retail therapy.
Walking Walking Hamilton Island has a number of walking tracks, short and long! Rent a golf buggy and explore the island or stretch your legs on enjoyable walks.
Outer Reef Connect with an outer reef ferry at the Hamilton Island wharf.
Beach There are a number of beaches and of course pools with swim-up bars!
Dive Catch a vessel to the outer reef.
100 Magic Miles C22

Daydream Island

Type Overnight Moorings. No Marina access.
Description Daydream Island is well worth a stopover for a game of mini golf, a revitalising trip to the Spa and a drink round the pool. Daydream Island also has a lovely bay on the North West corner which is idyllic in the right conditions. Check your charts for the location of Sunlovers Bay.
Restrictions No access to the marina. No anchoring. Resort owned moorings are available contact the resort direct for booking.
Shelter in In calm conditions only.
Moorings One Public Mooring. Resort moorings available for a charge.
Fishing Fishing is permitted - check the 100 Magic Miles for details.
Be careful of Can be an uncomfortable anchorage in anything but calm conditions.
Resort Daydream Island Resort was refurbished in 2000 and offers a full range of resort facilities. Daydream has a lovely beach that wraps around the Southern end of the island.
100 Magic Miles C8

Club Med Lindeman Island

Type Approved Anchorage
Description Club Med - Lindeman Island is recognised as one of "the" party islands of the Whitsunday group. The Club Med resort offers buffet meals as well as golf and other activities.
Restrictions Bookings to visit the resort must be made 24 hours in advance. Resort closed in school holidays. Uncomfortable in south/south easterly conditions over 15 knots.
Shelter in North to South.
Moorings Resort mooring available for a charge.
Fishing Fishing is permitted - check the 100 Magic Miles for details.
Be careful of Tidal flow around Lindeman and Shaw Islands.
Resort Club Med have their special brand of resort located here.
Walking Lindeman Island has a number of walking tracks.
100 Magic Miles S1

Palm Bay Long Island

Type Approved Anchorage
Description Palm Bay resort is an excellent first or last night anchorage as it is close to the mainland and is protected from all but North West winds. Its small harbour only has space for 8 boats at a time so booking is a must. On shore, you will find a lovely small resort with all the feel of Gilligan's Island (but so many more comforts!!)
Restrictions 8 Boats maximum - bookings essential.
Shelter in All but north westerly winds.
Moorings 8
Fishing Fishing is prohibited.
Be careful of Vessels must not enter or exit the harbour without assistance.
Resort This small resort caters to an exclusive clientele but the 8 boat anchorage is a picturesque place to moor.
Walking There are a number of walks north and south of the resort.
All Weather Anchorage Excellent anchorage except strong North West.
100 Magic Miles C1

South Molle Island

Type Approved Anchorage
Description Situated across the Whitsunday Passage from Nara Inlet and Cid Harbour is South Molle Island. Anchor in Bauer Bay and visit the resort for a meal and entertainment or enjoy one of the many walks through the National Park. The views are spectacular! Sunsets over the mainland and islands are pleasant to watch.
Restrictions Very uncomfortable in North or North Easterly conditions.
Shelter in East - South West
Fishing Fishing is permitted - check the 100 Magic Miles for details.
Be careful of There is no passage through The Causeway between Mid Molle and South Molle Islands. When conditions are 20+ knots ensure you are well anchored before leaving the vessel as dragging anchors occur easily in the shallow conditions.
Resort South Molle resort has good facilities.
Walking South Molle has some excellent walking tracks.
Outer Reef Catch an outer reef ferry from the resort wharf.
Sailing Sail across to the outer island group.
100 Magic Miles C9a