Let us take you on a 7 night charter...

Day 1:

After departing from Abel Point Marina on your sailing holiday and sail across the Whitsunday Passage to your first nights anchorage at Nara Inlet on Hook Island. Motor down the long narrow fjord for your overnight anchorage. Opposite is a track that leads from the beach to Aboriginal Caves and further on there is a waterfall which runs after heavy rains.

The site is protected by a fence and gate which must be kept shut to keep out the goats that inhabit the island. Inside the cave admire the primitive paintings indicating that aboriginal people lived here until recently.

Nara Inlet on Hook Island - bareboat charters in the Whitsundays

Day 2:

Cid Harbour on Whitsunday Island is a very large harbour and is one of the all weather anchorages in the area. With several sand beaches and a 1 km walking track from Sawmill to Dugong beach this is a very pleasant way to spend the day just relaxing. For those that are a little more energetic take the walk to Whitsunday Peak for a panoramic view.

Cid harbour on Whitsunday Island

Day 3:

Hamilton Island this is a modern resort Island with a village that has all the essentials -bakery, bottle shop, general store, chemist, local art, fashion and plenty of restaurants to choose from. Hire a golf buggy to explore the island and end your day by watching a glorious sunset from the lookout.

Bareboat charter boats on Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays

Day 4:

Whitehaven Beach - the water is an amazing emerald colour. The beach is 5 kilometres of sparkling white sand made up of 98% silica a legacy of a geologic era when the sea level was lower. Take a walk up the beach and the only sound you hear is the sand that squeaks beneath your feet. There are no resorts, no buildings, just natural beauty. At the northern end of the beach is Tongue Point with a safe anchorage in Tongue Bay.

Once ashore it is just 650 meters to the platform lookout with a magnificent view straight into Hill Inlet where the sands just beneath the water swirl to give incredible contrast. The long sweep of Whitehaven beach makes a picture for all your friends to envy.

Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island

Day 5:

Border Island: Cateran Bay a great place for a snorkel. The fringing reef has so much to offer. Colourful corals with an abundance of vivid fish of all shapes and sizes including the resident Moari Wrasse, a huge blue placid fish with a big pouty mouth who gracefully swims amongst the other fish.

Further north to the top end of Hook Island is Manta Ray Bay offering some of the best underwater scenery in the area. Butterfly Bay is the perfect spot to pick up a mooring, to sit back and reflect on the days events.

Feed the bat fish at Cateran Bay in the Whitsunday islands

Day 6.

Blue Pearl Bay: on Hayman Island offers more amazing snorkelling with an abundance of fish and corals. Alternatively, spoil yourself and tie up at Hayman Island Marina and visit the resort for lunch. Be sure to have your credit card handy as this resort is simply five star, or just moor at Langford Reef for lunch before heading off to Stonehaven to pick up a free public mooring, to view another amazing sunset and settle in for the night.

The finging reef systems of the whitsunday islands

Day 7.

Black Island: or as the brochures advertise Bali Hai. This small island is surrounded by reef and you will see a very distinctive Yellow Submarine. This is for day tours for non-snorkellers who come to this area by ferry to view the reef without getting wet. Several hours south is South Molle Island.

This is a national park and has some of the finest walking tracks with spectacular views of the Whitsunday Passage. You can visit the resort for a small fee and enjoy the facilities including a 9 hole golf course, tennis courts and swimming pool and enjoy one of their famous Island feasts.

Bareboat charters in the Whitsundays

Day 8.

Around the corner is Daydream Island also known as West Molle with just enough time for one last snorkel before heading back to Abel Point Marina. The charter has ended and there is so much more to be seen with over 70 Islands in the group, we have only visited 9 of them.

Follow in the footsteps of the Ngaro people, the traditional owners of the Whitsunday area. The Whitsunday Ngaro Sea Trail highlights many iconic features that have made the area famous. Walk across pure white sands, sail over turquoise waters, see ancient rock art, rugged headlands, dry rainforest, rolling grasslands and experience the breathtaking views.

Sail around the corner to Daydream island in the Whitsundays