Todays Weather

Whitsunday Weather

Situated on 204'S and 1485'E, the Whitsundays has a welcoming tropical climate with an estimated average 8.25 hours of sunshine daily and mean annual temperatures of 27-24C max. and 21C min. Perfect conditions for your bareboat sailing charter.

Temperature Rainfall
  Month MaxºC MinºC
  January 30.5 24.8
  February 30.2 24.9
  March 29.6 24.1
  April 28.1 22.7
  May 26.0 20.4
  June 23.4 17.1
  July 23.1 16.6
  August 24.3 17.4
  September 25.9 19.2
  October 27.5 21.3
  November 29.5 23.4
  December 30.4 24.5
  Month mm
  January 253
  February 278
  March 314
  April 150
  May 145
  June 62
  July 45
  August 24
  September 15
  October 40
  November 58
  December 114

The Whitsunday Seasons are really known as either dry or wet. The 'wet' season is from January-March, the windiest months are March-May, the driest months are August-October.

From mid-late September onwards the trade winds abate and the best cruising weather in the Whitsundays is between August to early November. At any time of the year though, you can almost always be assured of having enough wind for a pleasant sail. The temperature is pleasant almost any time of the year in the Whitsundays, with temperatures seldom above 30 degrees in summer nor below 18 degrees in winter. You can swim year-round. The trade winds are re-established after the summer monsoon in April-May, providing brisk sailing for the most part throughout the winter; the weather is generally more settled after June and the winds get progressively lighter after mid September.